For Parents

We recognize that many parents and kids do not talk about sexual bullying, harassment and pressures because they are deeply uncomfortable with the topic and lack knowledge. Parents will often assume – incorrectly – that their kids would come to them if they had a problem, and kids assume – incorrectly – that their parents don’t know anything and couldn’t possibly help them. It’s our hope that the educational materials and website can be a conduit for families looking to bridge those gaps and who want to start a conversation but don’t know exactly how to do that. Today’s teens are greatly challenged by the violent and misogynistic messages in the media they consume and their own impulsiveness and risk-taking behaviour. They need – and actually want – adults to listen to them and guide them without lectures and judgment. The film provides many examples and opportunities for families to discover their own path.

For Educators

Teachers and youth group leaders are in a position to help teens think more critically about their social and sexual behaviours, especially with their peers. Many schools do not address this topic in any depth other than to say that sexual harassment is bad and to beware of sexual predators on the internet. The film and the accompanying education modules provide a much needed resource on the topic of sexual harassment and peer relationships.

For Teens

Become inspired – just like the teen participants in the film – to be ambassadors for change in your schools and communities. Take the WHAT ARE SEXUAL PRESSURES QUIZ to find out how much you know about the topic and what you can do to set a positive example. Get inspired to make your own film, write your own song, story, poem or create art to spread the message of respect.

Go to the TRAILERS page and check out Ryan’s rap video “Under Pressure” and the three short dramatic films about sexual pressures made by the teens in the documentary.